Are you using Headphone wisely?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have largely increased the use of headphones due to podcasting, virtual meeting, leisure-time music or video calls, But did you know, not using headphones safely can affect your ears and hearing ability?

Almost 1.1 billion young people are at risk of hearing loss due to the unsafe use of personal audio devices.

Loud sound cause hearing problems

Your ear is made of three parts that process the sound, the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear.

The inner ear contains tiny hair-like structure called hair cells that transmit sound waves to brain to get processed. The inner ear is very sensitive to loud sounds. If there is continuous damage or exposure to loud sound, this inner hair cell can gradually cause hearing loss.

Are you using Headphone wisely?

While sound less than 70 decibels (i.e. sound generated by washing machine) is unlikely to cause any significant damage to your ears, a sound of 105-110 decibels can affect your hearing ability within 5 minutes.  

How to check your device volume

  • Wear your headphone / earphones and put on loud music.
  • Now try to listen voice of person near you at one arm’s distance.

If you can’t hear and understand what he is saying, your device volume is too loud to damage your ears.

Duration of listening such music is equally important.

Are Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Safe?

Every new technology can be harmful to the human body. But, Bluetooth is perfectly safe.

There is no research data which shows the connection between using Bluetooth and any negative health conditions. Bluetooth doesn’t affect your body’s health

Bluetooth headphones emits less radiation than long-range mobile network.

The Bluetooth emits same signal  like a Wi-Fi and more weaker. So you definitely shouldn’t worry about Bluetooth. Latest studies don’t find anything harmful effects with wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Tips for using headphones safely

Follow 60-60 rule: Most of the devices alert a warning when you increase the volume beyond recommended levels. Restrict your headphone use to only 60 minutes a day at a volume that does not exceed 60% of the maximum volume.

Are you using Headphone wisely?

Choose noise-canceling headphones: This will prevent you from getting tempted to increase the volume and will help you enjoy the music at a comfortable volume level to improve hearing ability.

Are Noise Cancelling Headphones Safe?

Noise-cancelling headphones use the new technology of “cancelling” noise. This technology is perfectly safe since it eliminates your surrounding noise. You don’t have to struggle with noise to hear your actual music.

The microphone picks up the surrounding noise and sends this information to the headphone’s circuit. The circuit then creates an opposite reverse sound and sends it to the headphones so the sounds “cancel each other” before it reach your ears.

Now you understand how noise-cancelling technology works, it will not harm your ears. Technology enables you don’t hear all of the ranges that are actually present in your surroundings.

Get regular checkups: An expert can detect an impaired hearing early, helping to seek treatment on time. Remember, noise-induced hearing loss can be permanent if not attended to on time.

Quick Tip: Protect with earplugs whenever you are about to visit any noisy events, using earplugs can help you to reduce the sound nicely. Inserting plugs properly can reduce the exposure by 5-45 decibels depending on the quality of the earplugs. So use best earphone / headphone wisely.