How to Publish your Podcast on Apple iTunes

Podcasting is growing along with blogging due to speaking words, podcasts are providing a good way to connect your users with your content. You must Publish your Podcast to Apple iTune for Free.

Publishing your podcast on Apple iTunes is very easy and you just need to have RSS / XML feed for your content.

1. Host the Podcast Media Files

You can host your Podcast media files anywhere in cloud or Amazon S3 or Google Drive or Dropbox. You can use Media files as MP3, QuickTime (MOV) and MPEG-4 (MP4) formats.

2. Make Cover Image for Podcast Page

You have to make banner size image for cover in JPG or PNG format. You can also use any stock free image and put some text on image as you need.

3. Include Podcasts in your Blog Website Posts

You need to add podcast media file in your post with HTML5 Audio player or any other podcast enabled player i.e. Listen audio version of your post

<audio id="podcast-player" preload="none" controls>
<source type="audio/mpeg" src="[PODCAST-Media-File-URL]">

4. Make iTunes XML Feed to Publish your Podcast

WordPress by default give you FEED link like You can use any feed plugin for WordPress PowerPress or FeedBurner or PodBean.

5. Submit Feed to Apple for Approval

Now as your podcast XML Feed is ready, you have to submit it to Apple iTunes Store. Login to Apple using Apple ID. Follow all steps here

You can submit podcast from Apple iTune Desktop softwares as well as Apple website

Apple iTune Software Publish your Podcast

– Create an Apple iTunes account to log into iTunes connect

– Apple iTunes will not accept empty RSS feed, so make sure that you have at least an episode/post before you submit to iTunes

– Submission approval might take a full day or more, so be patient